Jamaica Jewel Of The Caribbean


The third largest Caribbean Island and the only one to be totally surrounded by the Caribbean sea.
Attracting over 4 million tourist in 2017 a trip to Jamaica is a real treat for those wanting a Caribbean getaway.
There are Hotels to suit all budgets and taste from all inclusive luxury resorts to budget friendly Bed and Breakfast’s Jamaica has it all.

This photo of Jamaica is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Visitors return year after year to what many describe as “paradise on earth”.
The people the music and or course the food all help to make Jamaica an unforgettable holiday of a life time.
Many who come to Jamaica speak of how friendly the people are and how welcoming they are to visitors.

There is a vibe in Jamaica that can’t be found anywhere else.

The beat of reggae music greets you everywhere on the Island, it gives you that feel good feeling, that can only be experienced in Jamaica.

A trip to Jamaica should be on everyone’s bucket list!
There is so much to see and do not just the beaches, but many
places of interest for all ages and budgets around the island to visit and explore
So no matter what you enjoy doing you will find something exciting to do

Author: TourOfJamaica

The Latest Jamaican Tourism News, Reviews and Articles, Information,Resources & Videos. Places To Stay & Places Of Interest In Jamaica, Reggae Music Information, Healthy Food Recipes & Authentic Jamaican Handmade Gifts.

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