Dennis Emmanuel Brown…Crown Prince Of Reggae

Dennis Brown

Dennis Emmanuel Brown was born 1st February 1957 in Kingston Jamaica.

During his prolific career, which began in the late 1960’s when he was aged eleven,he recorded more than 75 albums.

Bob Marley cited Brown as his favorite singer.
Dennis Brown would prove influential on future generations of reggae singers.

Brown’s first professional appearance came at the age of eleven,when he visited a local club where his brother Basil was performing a comedy routine, and where he made a guest appearance with the club’s resident group, the Fabulous Falcons.
It was so successful that he was asked to join the group and a featured vocalist.

Brown’s first recording was an original song called “Lips of Wine” for producer Derrick Harriott, but when this was not released, he recorded for Clement Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One label, and his first session yielded the single
“No Man is an Island”, recorded when Brown was aged twelve and released in late 1969. The single received steadily increasing airplay for almost a year before becoming a huge hit throughout Jamaica.

In 1975,Dennis recorded “So Much Pain”, a duet with Johnny Clarke, which was the first recordings to appear Brown’s new DEB Music label.

Dennis Brown is loved and admired throughout the world and respected for his contribution to Reggae music.
Dennis Brown

Listen to some of The Crown Prince Of Reggae’s Music which lives on forever!

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